Enwi.d'mer; phonetically ‘Envie de Mer’ [desire for the sea], merges a mysterious and artistic quality with the ease and versatility of swimwear. The mantra as a bio-based swimwear brand is to integrate environmental and ethical production with a forward design aesthetic.

Enwi.d'mer starts in nature with a thread, using bio-based textiles made from castor-seed oil. The hand is soft with a compact stretch, adapting to multiple body types. The fabric and the swimwear are handcrafted in Italy, maintaining a high quality of fabrication as well as being ecologically and ethically crafted close by.
Additionally, all packaging materials are both reused or recycled.
You receive your swimwear in a unique pouch hand-sewn from textiles that the designer, has collected and up-cycled from her travels and previous jobs over the years. 

Nathalie Widmer is a Swiss national from Zürich who has worked in the fashion industry in New York with a focus in knit wear and print design. There is foreplay involved in building her brand. The build up being organic and true to her nature as a creative introvert, with a desire for a high caliber of quality and purpose. Not interested in starting ‘just-another-brand’ without deep consideration for sustainable practices, Nathalie is involved in environmental activism in Zürich, les #deconnsomateurs, and is committed to granting 15% of company profits to the Chaikuni institute that is focused in preserving indigenous Peruvian cultures in harmony with the Amazon rainforest and its plant medicines.

Her personal travels after a dynamic job, have led her to many foreign countries observing their diverse magical qualities as well as their perverse environmental destruction. These collective experiences raised many questions for a new perspective and her personal experience to the Amazon rainforest and her connection to the cause comes from a transformational journey she embarked on there. Since, she advocates for the protection of these indigenous traditions both, for the locals fighting for their preservation in Peru and also for westerners that would benefit from these sacred customs.  

I consider the process of evolution to be the most important aspect in the creation of Enwi.d’mer. The constant challenge and desire to integrating new practices when recognising insufficiencies and collaborating with other environmentally conscious innovators to enhance the brand’s sustainable practices.

ENWI is to be captivating with integrity, transparent in practice with the aim to give back, for the pleasure of creating in a sustainable manner.