Enwi.d'mer; phonetically ‘Envie de Mer’ is a desire for the sea.
We merge an artistic quality with the ease and versatility of swimwear.
Enwi.d'mer starts in nature with a thread, using bio-based textiles made from castor-seed oil. The hand is soft with a compact stretch, adapting to multiple body types. The fabric and the swimwear are handcrafted in Italy, maintaining a high quality of fabrication as well as being ecologically and ethically crafted close by.
Additionally, all packaging materials are both reused or recycled.
You receive your swimwear in a unique pouch hand-sewn from textiles that the designer, has collected and up-cycled from her travels and previous jobs over the years. 
Nathalie Widmer (1990) is a Swiss national from Zürich who has worked abroad in the fashion industry with a focus in knit wear and print design. She graduated from Kings College London and finished an AAS degree in Fashion Design at Parsons New York and has since moved back to Switzerland.