It is important to take care of your eco-garment to maintain it in great condition summer after summer. Firstly, please hand wash your swimsuits using a gentle soap or detergent and rinse using cold water. Drip dry in the shade.

As our pieces are made using 100% bio-based thread and are not dyed or treated using hard chemicals, some sunscreens, oils, and heavily chlorinated water may affect your swimwear – please rinse in fresh water thoroughly after each use. Avoid contact with rough surfaces as this may cause pulling on the swimwear. Try not to iron your pieces; if you must, please use very low temperatures.


Some of your swimsuit's features include:

*Ultralight [25% reduced weight compared to a 100% polyester product]

*Breathability, comfort and coverage

*Natural thermal capacity

*Air dries at a 50% faster rate than other swimwear materials

*Odor control due to fibers bacteriostatic capacity

*Since the textile is bio based, the dye will never be as saturated compared with synthetic fibers